Systainer 220 Evolution +

The case with all the planers and chisels for professionals and enthusiasts

function Case for handplanes, rebates planes and chisels
Nbrs of hand planes 5
Hand plane accessories 24
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€1,158.00 €965.00

This is a complete equipment case: Planes + Rebates + Chisels planes with its new systainer case clipsable. Its Systainer case allows you to take all your tools to the job site. Always stored, always ready, always operational with its interchangeable blades.

The Systainer 220 Evolution case includes :

- 1 systainer snap-on RALI + 2 protective foam
- 1 hand plane  RALI 220 Evolution 
- 1 One-handed plane RALI 105 Evolution
- 1 Rebate plane RALI G30 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI B30 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI G03 Evolution N
- 1 Reabte plane guide for G03 Evolution N
- 1 Maintenance kit
- 13 Chrome steel blade 48 mm
- 8 Chrome steel blade 30 mm
- 1 RALI Sark Case Evolution (Multifunction firmer chisel with interchangeable blades, to use as a traditional firmer chisel. 9 widths of cut: 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30 and 40 mm with only 3 tools. And furthermore a tool always perfectly sharpened. The change of knife is done in few seconds. The removable knives can be resharpened.)

Key points Systainer 220 Evolution +


All the necessary tools for pros in one Systainer


All your tools are perfectly stalled, protected against shocks


The perfect system to bring on every construction site

Démonstration Systainer 220 Evolution +

Technical sheet Systainer 220 Evolution +

Product code118211
L x H x W396x296x157
Change of bladesFast
Hand planes functionSurfacing and rebate plane
Chrome blade 30 mm 8
ChiselRALI Shark Case Evolution
Chisel usageProfessional
Chisel WarrantyStandard (2 years)
Nickel platingNo
One handed hand plane105 Evolution
Hand planes220 Evolution
Rabbet planesB30, G03, G30
WarrantyStandard (2 years)
Chrome blade 48mm13
AccessoriesSystainer case + 2 protective foams, Protective Oil, Rebate plane guide
Widths of cut9 Widths of cut (10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30, 40mm)
Chisel accessories9 Knives, 1 Scraper adapter, 3 Saw blade adapters, 1 50mm Chrome blade