Handplanes 220 key points

handplane RALI 220 Evolution N

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RALI 220 Evolution N

RALI's top-of-the-line hand plane for professionals and passionate enthusiasts.

  • New innovative blade changing system
  • Heavy sole for excellent inertia
  • 3 instantaneous and precise adjustments: cutting depth, back-plate and throat opening
  • For all types of work: roughing and finishing
  • Supplied with 4 chrome blades
  • Exclusive design with nickel-plated side protection

Handplane 220 exclusive offer

Carpenter plane RALI

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RALI 220 Carpenter N

The chamfering plane designed for carpentry work.

  • chamfering up to 1.6 mm in one stroke, 3 times more than a conventional plane
  • instantaneous adjustment of the cutting depth
  • supplied with 1 chrome blade

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Handplane RALI 220 Monobloc

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RALI 220 Monobloc

The ideal handplane for occasional use.

  • it includes the interchangeable blade system
  • 1 instantaneous adjustment : cutting depth
  • Lightweight sole for easy handling
  • Reduced weight in the toolbox
  • Supplied with 1 chrome blade

Handplane 220 monobloc exclusive offer


comparatif 220

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