RALI 260 Evolution

The handplane of pros with British style
function Surfacing plane
Length 260 mm
Sole Heavy
Chipbreaker Adjustable
Mouth Adjustable
Cutting depth Adjustable
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€185.00 €154.17

It's the two-handed surfacing plane with Anglo-Saxon shape for pros and do-it-yourself lovers. Its heavy sole gives it a good inertia for all kind of timber. Break-iron adjustment allows a perfect planing, whatever the essence, in rough as in finishing. Throat opening adjustment allows the planing of still wet timber by reducing stuffing. Its extended shape backward of the blade and its very low center of gravity provide to this tool an excellent basis.

Key points handplane RALI 260 Evolution

No more sharpening

Double-edged and reversible blades

Easy setting

Red lever for instant cutting depth adjustment

Instant adjustment of the back plate

For perfect rough and finishing

Blade always parallel

Automatic adjustment of the blad

For all type of wood

Chrome blade (soft wood) or tungsten carbide blade (hard wood). Just one plane for all type ofwoods, you just need to change the blade

For live timber

Adjustment of throat opening

Low center of gravity

Low center of gravity

Demonstration of handplane RALI 260 Evolution

Technical sheet handplane RALI 260 Evolution

Product code108612
L x H x W270x225x60
functionSurfacing plane
Cutting depthAdjustable
Blade typeconvex
Included1 chrome steel blade
Length260 mm
Double-edged bladeYes
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland