RALI G30 Evolution N

This is the best rabbet plane in the range, with a two-handed grip for precision work.
function Rebate plane
Length 220 mm
Sole Heavy
Chipbreaker Fixed
Mouth Adjustable
Cutting depth Adjustable
Blade(s) included 1
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The RALI G30 rabbet plane is the ideal tool for heavy rabbeting and other work. Thanks to its two handles at the end of the tool, the grip is optimal for very precise gestures. The force exerted on the tool, coupled with its length of over 25 cm, ensures better tool guidance, and chips are more even over longer lengths. The RALI G30 rabbet plane features a heavy soleplate with a centrally located blade. It is supplied with an easy-to-clip guide on the tool for perfect rabbets. The 30mm blades are compatible with all other RALI rabbet planes.

Key points handplane RALI G30 Evolution N

No more sharpening

Unique patented blade-change system in seconds. The blades supplied are bi-cut and reversible with a factory-set cutting edge.

Setting 1:
cutting depth

Instant cutting depth adjustment with red lever. There's no need to lay your plane down when you set it up. Simply retract the blade to the base.

Setting 2 :
the mouth

The unique design of our soleplate makes it very easy to adjust the mouth by simply unscrewing the 2 screws on the front soleplate. Ideal for avoiding jamming on green wood, for example.

Ideal grip

Thanks to the 2 round handles on either side of the tool, the 2-handed grip provides optimum guidance.

Results are guaranteed.

Blade always parallel

The original RALI blades are automatically locked in place and aligned parallel to the base by means of cleverly placed coded pins on the chipbreakers.

Very, very long blade life

1600 meters of chips with a single blade: this is the test carried out at the factory with a chrome blade dedicated to working with soft to medium woods.

Innovative heavy sole

RALI has designed a unique two-part lamellar sole. This significantly reduces friction with the material. The sole is adjustable and can be repaired in the event of impact.

A useful guide

A guide is supplied with the rabbet plane G30 Evolution N. It can be mounted on the right or left of the tool in seconds, without the need for additional tools. Its 2 knurling wheels allow you to adjust the tool for precision work.Ses 2 mollettes permettent de régler l'outil pour un travail de précision

A clever little compartment

No need to search for your blades in the toolbox or in a locker, a small compartment in the rear handle allows you to store several blades. Ideal for jobsites, your tools are always ready for use.

5-year warranty offered

We offer a 5-year warranty instead of 2.

As a manufacturer, we can supply all spare parts for your future plane.

Demonstration of handplane RALI G30 Evolution N

Technical sheet handplane RALI G30 Evolution N

Product code105370
L x H x W255x75x105
functionRebate plane
Cutting depthAdjustable
Blade typestraight
Included1 chrome steel blade 30mm + guide
Length220 mm
Double-edged bladeYes
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland