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The SME SAMVAZ SA is located in the industrial area of Châtel-St-Denis, in the canton of Fribourg (Veveyse), Switzerland and was founded in 1964.

The key word of the company is the invention, development and manufacture of innovative products;
Products which made and make the success of SAMVAZ.
The activities of the company, which employs 160 employees, are separated into two divisions:

  • The main activity is metal machining. All Samvaz tools are made by stamping, what guarantee to produce regular and precise pieces. The precision and the quality of manufacture give to the RALI handplanes their legendary reliability and longevity.
  • The other factory is specialized in wood. Glue laminated wood, as well as wood for building and insulated beams are produced.
In addition to RALI tools, Samvaz has invented, developed and produces the world-famous TERSA planning-shafts and -heads.
More details can be found on the website www.samvaz.ch.